Access to the Horn PTO store

To access the Horn PTO store, please click here –> Horn PTO Store.

The store will be open from August 21, 8am – August 28, 5pm. You will need to pay for school supplies and Class Activity Funds – please note this is a mandatory fee. Only credit card payments will be accepted online. Please email for web related queries and for PTO related issues.

A reminder and appeal as well – please do not “TEST” the online purchasing  unless you intend to make a purchase as this does affect the reporting and does cause a tremendous amount of extra work for the PTO. Thanks for understanding 

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5th Grade Clubs

Attention 5th grade parents! 
Keep an eye out next Tuesday for the 5th grade club sign up form! 
You student will be given all the information on how to sign up this week and then 
fill out their choices next week! 
We are excited to get started,
Your 5th grade club chairs

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Horn Families, 
Please help us keep SAFETY FIRST on Horn’s Campus!
NO CELL PHONE USAGE during arrival and dismissal.
This is a Texas State Law – and includes the Carpool Lane!
We have seen far too many drivers using their cell phones while driving on Horn’s campus already.
Please be safe.  Don’t run the risk of hitting a Pedestrian or receiving a Ticket from Bellaire Police.
No Cell Phone Usage until you Exit Horn’s Campus and posted School Zone

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Cub Scouts – Pack 130 Bellaire


Join Cub Scouts!

Cub Scouting provides fun with a purpose for boys in 1st to 5th grades.
We go camping, play games, learn about being good citizens, and provide quality time together for families.

Registration is Thursday, September 3 at 7PM at Bellaire United Methodist Church (Family Life Center) on the SE corner of Bellaire & Newcastle.  Learn more from the flyer in the red folder, contact Angie Bennett, or visit our website at

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Traffic Carpool Sign


If you intend to use the carpool lane in the afternoon for pick-up, it is extremely important and helpful to have the carpool sign visible,  on the vehicle passenger visor. This aids in the lane going faster and a smoother pick-up.

To print the sign – please click CAR POOL TEMPLATE

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Boosterthon News!!

Friday, October 2, 2015
Fundraising for Campus Beautification and Outdoor Improvement

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SOS Giving Program


Sounds of Success Family Giving Program

Horn’s success depends on the support of Horn families and friends and the “sound of success” varies from one family to the next. Some families show support by giving their time through volunteering, some donate goods or services, others choose to make a financial donation, and some gracious families support Horn in all of these ways. Whatever your means, we appreciate your support. The Sounds of Success Family Giving Program was created in 2006 to recognize families who make a financial donation to Horn. We are grateful to the following donors who gave at the Bugle level and higher for the 2014-2015 school year. The future is brighter because of the following families:


Tuba Level Donors

Griffin Family

Vo Family

Saxophone Level Donors

Bosarge Family

Nugent Family

Sloan Family

Trombone Level Donors

Grobler Family

Hickman Family

Kolah Family

Lai Family

Levine Family

Lloyd Family

Parikh Family

Sykes and Vickers Family

Tobor and Turner Family

Whitehead Family

Trumpet Level Donors

Andrade Family

Barker Family

Beasley Bunch

Bernal Family

Bronk Family

Carrillo Family

Evans Family

Freedman Family

Ghuman Family

Hsu Family

Konicki Family

Langland Family

Liu Family

Lu Family

Morgenroth Family

Wasaff Family

Wong Family

Rexford Family

Zaman Family

French Horn Level Donors

Carlson Family

Clifton Family

Corder Family

Hu Family

Lande Family

Pinglay Family

Trevino Family

Turner Family

Bugle Level Donors

Costa Family

Ferris Family

Iliev Family

Ravindharan Family

For new families not familiar with this program, please visit the “Donating” section of to learn how you, too, can make a difference!

Thanks to all of our donors for your generosity and support!!

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School Supply and Class Activity Mandatory costs

School Supplies: This year it is required to purchase school supplies for your student. This saves you from searching the city for mandatory supplies and the teachers appreciate all students having the same supplies.  Your student will receive a grade specific school supply pack that will be in the classroom on the first day of school. Now you can cross off “purchase school supplies” from your To-Do List.

Class Activity Fund: Your contribution funds your student’s class parties, snacks during testing days, and other activities throughout the year. It also includes the cost of your child’s class t-shirt.

The combined costs for each grade level is listed below and can be purchased online from August 21 – August 28, 2015. Check payments and Cash payments will ONLY BE ACCEPTED AT EBM (Horn Library). Credit card purchasing can be done from the comfort of your home.

Grade Class Activity Fund School Suplies TOTAL
PK $25 $43 $68
K $25 $54 $79
1 $25 $53 $78
2 $25 $64 $89
3 $25 $67 $92
4 $25 $65 $90
5 $50 $57 $107

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Traffic Info for 2015/ 2016

TOP 10 TRAFFIC DO’S & DON’TS FOR 2015-2016

 DO “Go with the Flow!”  Traffic Flows Clockwise around Horn’s Campus at 7:15-8:15 a.m. and 2:30-3:30 pm.  At posted arrival/dismissal times, parts of Holly St., Ave. B and Pine Streets become one way only. Traffic Flow map can be found here

 DO display your Carpool sign (click here to download and print car pool sign) on your vehicle passenger visor; signs are mandatory if using the carpool Lane when picking up your student.

 DO use Avenue B Gates for Walkers, Bikers, and Scooters – no vehicle drop offs.  Please use the Carpool Lane to drop off student(s) from your vehicle. Ave. B Bus Pullout is for buses only.

DO “Walk your Wheels”on the Avenue B sidewalk, between Pine and Holly Streets, to/from the North Gate school entrance.

DO note Avenue B Dismissal Info:
       Grades K-1 Walkers dismissed through Ave. B South Gate
       Grades 2-3 Walkers dismissed through Ave. B Center Gate
       Grades 4-5 Walkers dismissed through Ave. C North Gate
       Grades 1-5 Bikes and scooters dismissed through Ave. B Center Gate

    If it is raining:

       Grades K-2 Walkers will be dismissed through Ave. B South Gate

       Grades 3-5 Walkers will be dismissed through Ave. B North Gate

 DO cross streets at Crosswalks ONLY – DON’T allow your student to jaywalk, especially in front of moving vehicles!

 DON’T park illegally on Holly Street!  If your car is parked facing west on the south side of Holly, you may be ticketed for parking illegally/facing the wrong direction.

 DON’T park your vehicle in HISD Bus Pullout area on Holly Street (front of school) after 2:00 p.m.

 DON’T block intersections or crosswalks with your vehicle at:

     Carpool Lane Entrance and Exit

     Avenue B and Pine St. intersection

     Holly St. and Ave. B intersection

     Pedestrians, bikers and scooters need to get to school safely too!

 DON’T block the Carpool Lane entrance to let student(s) exit your vehicle.  Pull into the Carpool Lane and allow your student to exit safely onto the sidewalk.

Let’s all Go With the Flow and have a SAFE 2015-2016!

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Mabels Labels

mabels labels

What’s worse than having your child losing their brand new lunch box or sweater at school?

Mabel’s Labels are dishwasher, microwave and laundry safe personalized labels. They have labels for all the stuff that your child could inevitably misplace this year.  Make sure your child never loses their things by ordering Mabel’s Labels. As an added bonus, for every order placed through,  Mabels Labels will donate a percentage back to Horn Elementary.



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Horn Community Partners

New Horn Parents, do you have a Target RED card or Randalls savings card? If so, take a little time to register them and link them to Horn Academy and each time you shop a percentage of your bill will be returned to Horn.
For Target you will need to go to their customer service or register your support online by visiting Take charge of Education (link you card to Horn Academy). For Randalls, just take in the flyer in this weeks red folder to their customer service.  It only takes a few minutes but the benefits for Horn are priceless.
If you’re buying office supplies from Office Max or Office Depot simply provide our school ID (Horn Elementary ID 70094909) at checkout and Horn receives 5% back in credits for free supplies.
To read more, click on the ff. link – Horn Community Partners

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VIPS (Volunteer in Public Schools)


Horn Parents! Please remember to register for VIPS if you plan on doing ANY activities with your student this year. ALL PARENTS (new and returning) must be VIPS registered and cleared each new school year in order to go on field trips, volunteer in classrooms, help with special school projects, etc. This process is EASY for YOU, but takes 2-3 WEEKS for HISD, so PLEASE do this the FIRST WEEK of school — volunteer opportunities start RIGHT AWAY!

Returning Horn families who have registered in the past:
1. Confirm your VIPS account is active and up-to-date
2. Bring your photo ID to the front office for them to make a copy to submit for a background check
**You must do this even if you were cleared in previous years**

New Horn families or if never registered before:
1. Register online at
2. Bring your photo ID to front office for them to make a copy to submit for a background check

Our goal is for every parent to be registered in the first month of school. Horn LOVES volunteers!! Let us know if you have any questions: Donna Keller ( or Jada Hallmark (

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