Fifth Grade Promotion Photographs

The fifth grade promotion photographs are now available for purchase online. Please click on the link to view and purchase –

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School Supply Update – New Exciting Changes for 2015/2016 School Year

 Purchasing-Like last year, supplies will be purchased for EVERY student ahead of time.  Do not go out and purchase supplies on your own unless you want some for home.  If you wanted to buy some special pencils or a fun eraser for your child to bring that is fine but they do not NEED to bring anything.  I would like to add that the supplies are bought at a huge discount due to the huge quantities we buy.  These savings are passed on to you.  This is NOT a fundraiser for the school.
2.  Payment-Unlike any other year we will NOT be preselling.  Instead the price of the supplies will be automatically included in your Early Bird Market/Beginning of School costs just like your class fund.  You now don’t have to worry if/when you paid or if you ordered ahead.  It will be automatic in the fall.
If you are unable to pay we have procedures in place to help.  Just contact Ms. Harrington or Ms. Flores for information.
We are making these changes to minimize confusion that leads to parents overbuying supplies or questions of whether supplies had been pre-purchased.  This also helps keep our wonderful Horn Teachers happy because they know all children will have the correct supplies when school starts. Also there is no anxiety because one student doesn’t have the same items as everyone else.

If you have questions please  email Kelly Grubbs –

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Breaking News about Early Bird Market for 2015-2016 School Year

We have great news about Early Bird Market – EBM:

  1. You will be able to purchase your school supplies, event tickets, class activity fee and much more all on-line at the Horn PTO Store. NO MORE LONG LINES! The online store will be open for 2 weeks at the beginning of school. Additional details to follow soon.
  2. We will ONLY accept cash or check at EBM for items available at the online store. This is available if you prefer not to use the online store.
  3. Dress Down bands will be available for purchase at EBM, new parent coffee and PTO meetings only.
  4. Uniforms will be available as usual at EBM. Any form of payment is accepted for uniforms.

EBM will be easy and fun. Come meet the teacher and reunite with Horn friends!!!!

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Pershing Girls Lacrosse 2015 Summer Clinic


WHEN: AUGUST 15-16, 2015, Saturday and Sunday

TIME: 8:00AM – 12:00PM

LOCATION:​ Pershing Middle School Softball Field​

COST: $100 (includes use of team equipment)

BRING: water bottle, athletic shoes or cleats, lacrosse gear (if owned)

Please click here for flyer – Pershing Girls Lacrosse 2014 Summer Clinic

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Kinder Playdate

Our first playdate for incoming kindergartners will be Wednesday,April 29, 3:30pm at Evergreen Park. We will have playdates in May,June, July and August with the final playdate August 21st after Early Bird Market. If you have an incoming kindergartner or know of someone who does, please forward this email to them. We are in the process of creating a distribution list and we want to have contact information for as many new kindergartners as possible. These gatherings are a fantastic way for our kids to get to know each other before school and it’s also a great way to get to know other parents. If you would like to be added to the list or know someone who should be included, please email Rebekah at
Jessica Laviage and Rebekah Maddux El-Hakam
Kinder Playdate Coordinating Mommas

*Upcoming dates. Please save the dates! (dates and locations subject to change. We will email the distribution list with final info)
Wednesday, April 29th 3:30pm Evergreen Park
Sunday, May 17th 4pm Evergreen Park
Thursday, June 11th 4pm Nature Center Park
Saturday, June 27th 9:30am Bellaire Rec Center Park
Saturday, July 11th 3pm Location TBD
Wednesday, July 22nd 6pm Bring Your Own Dinner in the Park Location TBD
Wednesday, August 5th 4pm Evergreen Park

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